The Necessary Evil

                                                    RITA 1


The orange skies of Planet Argonus were obscured by black smoke, as 100 foot flames rose from the cracks in the ground. In a village marked by 2 foot trees and 30 foot bushes, a lone man strode through the dirt paved streets. He was dressed in tattered gray rags, sporting long hair with a giant bald spot, and an elongated beard.

“My hesperon.” He said when he came before his destination: a cathedral-like building, its surface shiny gold. He made his way up the steps, barging through the entrance doors. 

“I am WHENCE, the barbarian!” He shouted to the woman sitting on the throne. As he drew closer to her, he was somewhat taken in by her features: Her Elizabethan style hair, her platinum jewels, and her tan skin, colored so vibrant it seemed not of this world…or any world.

“I am…Rita Silver.” The woman stammered. “H-Have, you come to kill me?”  Whence snickered.

“I admit that I am impressed.” Whence started. “With all your forces stretched out, you thought we wouldn’t look for you here. But its over…your rebellion is done!”

“Please!” Rita cried out, trembling.

“King Ledeno was wrong to fear you.” Whence said, getting in Rita’s face. “THIS is the leader of the rebellion? THIS is the Rita Silver everyone spoke of? I knew you were too good to be true. I KNEW a woman wasn’t capable of—“

In a swift movement, Rita brandishes a bronze dagger, quickly slicing Whence’s throat. Whence stumbled back, gurgling, struggling to speak.

“Do you know what King Ledeno did to me?” Rita said, her tone of voice changing. “I was a fruit seller’s daughter when Ledeno stole this planet from my people. My father was a good man. A king man. He could not find it in his heart to hurt even a terrafly.”

 Rita encircled Whence, as blood poured from his throat. He tried getting to his feet, but was kicked down by Rita every time.

“King Ledeno and his men barged into our home one night.” Rita continued. “He wanted to meet the well liked fruit seller of our villiage. My father hid me in the cupboard, but I saw what transpired. My kind father offered him fruit….Ledeno gutted him, raped my mother, and dragged my brothers away.”

Rita knelt beside Whence, grabbing him by his wounded throat.

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